How I tour and Why….

Many people are surprised to learn that I take the time and spend my own money to personally visit resorts and hotels on behalf of my clients. I set up what I call site inspections where I have a guide and a driver and appointments with resort management. I visit each location personally and managers personally show me different room categories and amenities. They know that I am looking for matches for my best clients. They also know that I want to be reassured if my client has any concerns or issues while vacationing at their destination, then I have an escalation point and will advocate to make the vacation experience everything my clients expect. I typically visit 5 or 6 resorts per day and find some great options and occasionally some resorts that do not live up to my expectations.  I have very important criteria that I evaluate. One common issue is hard sell timeshare presentations or putting guests in classes (owners vs non owners). Also lack of maintenance or pool condition can be deal breaker.  My clients might not even know how hard I work, they just know they have a great destination and resort that is awesome! Sometimes the resorts I visit actually welcome me with food, drinks and even my logo made of rice on the beds.