1- Bring Dramamine (and not the NEW long lasting formula … the immediate OLD formula)
2-Wear compression socks on the plane to prevent blood clots and swelling . You can buy them at any drug store.
3-Pack electrolytes in either gum form (sports store sell them) or powder from that you put in drinks/water.
4-Bring cold pack single use to put on the back of your neck if you start overheating or feeling like you might pass out.
5-Bring a lemon (or pieces of lemon) if you can find in airport (or get in drink). Lemon or Lime are instant electrolytes!
6- Stand up and move every 2-3 hours.
7-Clinch your fists every 1-2 hours to help your circulation and blood flow.
8-Consider signing up for tsa.gov PRECHECK to allow for smoother flow into TSA secure areas.
9-Email a picture of your passport to a trusted family member or travel agent BEFORE you travel as a security measure in case you lose it.
10-Put your travel agents phone number in your cell phone for quick calls or texting while traveling.