When you go, then you know

The travel adventures of a travel agent researching the world

Hangover Beach Australia

Australia is such an amazing and very large destination.  They have something for absolutely everyone. The challenge in Australia is narrowing down visit because its such a vast area. I toured three areas recently and was very impressive with Perth, Melbourne and...

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Belize - An amazing little luxury resort is waiting for you.  It started as a fishing spot for a group of friends, until there wives decided they wanted to join them and had a lodge built.  Later they build rental Villas and swimming pool and added  dock.  Flash...

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2019 – Reflections

TRAVEL YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 Every year I travel to tour new destinations and many, many hotels in pursuit of the best for my clients. In 2019, I visited 17 countries on 3 continents. Of everywhere I visited, 10 of those countries and 1 continent was new to me! I was...

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What is an adventure Nurse?

I want to introduce a colleague and share her story about how she is a healthcare provider plus travel assistant and how her unique business came to fruition. As a healer, her art is to practice from the heart. She is a registered nurse trained in holistic practices...

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Life is about Exploring. Learning. Experiences.

There are so many ways to experience life and mix travel experiences with learning. Let me assist you with making your next trip more memorable with experiences to last a lifetime.