Before a big trip there are so many things to do and most have a due date that cannot be missed.  As soon as you book your trip with your favorite travel agent start that list!  Get the check list started and add due dates, prioritize so those things like PASSPORTS get done first. Cross off those items as you complete each item.  If you need advise or worry that you are forgetting something REACH OUT and ask.  Some items that are important and need to be on the list:  Who is taking care of the pets? Do you have all the medications that you need ready to pack? Does everyone have passports that are current? Do you know where your passports are?  Do you have a swimsuit? Do you have sunglass?  Do you have someone picking up your mail or did you put hold on it with post office? Do you have a neighbor willing to take your garbage to the curb and bring it back? Did you schedule a ride to the airport?

Don’t get overwhelmed just start early and get a little done each day.  Seeing the world and experiencing new things or visiting loved ones is important and worth the check list!