I want to introduce a colleague and share her story about how she is a healthcare provider plus travel assistant and how her unique business came to fruition. As a healer, her art is to practice from the heart.

She is a registered nurse trained in holistic practices as well as acute care needs, with over 14 years of experience. Her primary focus is treating each person as an individual and caring for their whole being. Honoring the whole person includes the body, mind, emotion and spirit. Caring for the emotional and spiritual body is just as important as taking care of physical needs and living your life fully. This how we not only exist, but thrive.

Her words:

“Working with individuals in their homes and at the hospital, I saw a need. I saw people that are slowing down a bit with time and medical needs. I saw that those same people still like to travel, visit family, attend concerts, go on day excursions, etc. but are limited by the complexity of care necessary to make this happen. I created my business to use my skills and passion to assist individuals and families in planning trips and vacations that would otherwise be impossible. My aim is to make these adventures possible.

I assist in planning and curating all sorts of various outings such as trips to the beach, theater or to the park. If you can dream it, we can plan it. It’s never too late to knock items off your bucket list! Perhaps there is a special cruise that you have been wanting to go on? My business is helping individuals and their caregivers live a full, enriched life; creating memories and experiences outside of their homes and care facilities. Assisting in individualized, skilled compassionate care delivered with a smile and joy is what I do. I am a private duty travel nurse. I am here to assist those that are restricted by their care needs but still have an adventurous heart. Perhaps it will be your first trip or last, call me. I help make the seemingly impossible, possible! ”

If you need an Adventure Nurse Concierge please know that my friend and collegue is wonderful.

Tracia Barnett your Adventure Nurse Concierge, RN, CDE, Massage Therapist, Instructor for CPR, First Aid and AED through the American Heart Association, Life aficionado and purveyor of Joy

Adventure Nurse, LLC


Cell: 360 721 7491


“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”. Oscar Wilde